Volunteer with NLA - Become a Tutor!

Donate your time to helping a student stay on track for graduation by tutoring in our after school programs. Students are working hard to recover lost credits and may need help working through their current classes. Math, Health, English, Biology - the possibilities are endless! Neighborhood Learning Alliance has after school programs in all of the Pittsburgh Public High Schools.

Mentor a Student!

Help a student navigate their way to college or the career of their dreams: keep tabs on their grades and progress, share your career with students and discuss how you made your way there, help students explore their possibilities through research and by sharing your own experiences. Training is provided for all volunteers who want to become a mentor.

Volunteer Speakers Bureau

Don't have the time to commit to volunteer on a regular basis? Become a member of the Volunteer Speakers Bureau! Get information about participating in one-time events, help plan mentor and tutor trainings in organizations that you're already active in, or work with Rachel to figure out how you can best serve the kids!

For more information about any of these volunteer opportunities, please contact Rachel Zadnik at zadnik@neighborhoodlearning.org or 412-363-1910.